Bridger Putnam

Boise, Idaho

Frontend Designer

Full Stack Developer

QA Analyst

I build websites that thousands of people love to use every day. Let's get in touch if you have any sort of software development needs.

About Me

Hi, I'm Bridger. I'm a self-taught full stack developer living in Boise, Idaho. Software tools I'm passionate about include React, CSS Grid, GraphQL, continuous integration, and Java.

My current full-time job is as a QA Analyst, where I work on an excellent development team making fintech software. I make sure our projects are satisfying the client requirements and look for areas of improvement, automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks using Python, participate in code reviews, and give feedback on design decisions to advocate for quality and customer satisfaction.

As much as I love QA work and quality (I have a degree in Operations Management), I'm spending a lot of my free time learning Java and covering gaps in my computer science knowledge in order to get a job as a full time software developer. If my open source contributions are sparse over the past few months or year, that's why. I've been learning a ton, and I'm excited to switch my side projects over to using typed languages where possible. :D

Community involvement and building is important to me as well, send over any cool urban planning papers you've read or volunteer opportunities you might have available. Other hobbies I'm currently diving deep into are hiking, mountain biking, bicycle building, and skiing.


Reading Length Classic
Reading Length ClassicWeb AppBook search engine built with vanilla NodeJS receiving over 80,000 unique visitors per month.
Bridger Putnam
Bridger PutnamPortfolioMy portfolio site, built with a GatsbyJS front-end hosted on Netlify using GraphQL to get data from a Contentful CMS backend. This site is FAST.
Reading Length 2.0
Reading Length 2.0Web AppRebuilt Reading Length with React, Next.js, Yoga, Prisma, and Mongo. Improved page load speed by 600%, decreased bounce rate by 30%. Ongoing project as I continue to receive user feedback and work towards adding user accounts.
SkypeyReduxSkypey showcases how React and Redux can be used to handle complex state such as a conversation app. Doing it again, I would have used a React-specific Redux library or middleware like redux-thunk.
putnam-mailPython APIputnam-mail is a Flask project that provides an API interface to send email from my portfolio page, providing extra form validation and an easy way to implement different email services should the need ever arise.

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    Reading Length 2.0 - Developing project requirements

    When approaching a project, defining the requirements up front gives you a clear path forward and prevents you from wasting countless hours on feature creep.

    January 5th, 2019
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    New Year's resolutions 2019

    Each year, beginning right after Christmas, New Year's resolutions enter the media cycle with people discussing their merits and demerits, and sharing their own resolutions. Whether or not you like the idea, most people have them. These are my thoughts.

    January 1st, 2019

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